Last Weekend

oh. this sat is Xin Lei’s b’day. Seem there is someone b’day every weeks. I’ve posted the pics taken last sat @Stulang. At there, witnessed how Arsenal 5-1 slaughted man city…. After tat, mahjong @Marshall’s house until morning.

xuyu and si huey are going back to aus this thursday. miss everyone. 😥

the CNY pics in my gallery was posted by someone on should i next time put watermark on those pics? :mrgreen:


yoyoyo! There will be a gathering tmr 7pm @”xian dai qi shi lu” (really no idea wat’s it english name). Oh and also tmr is kelvin birthday har. :mrgreen:. Happy B’day.

Looking forward to see everybody there.

Recess Week

finally recess week. but after 7 weeks the final exam also coming :'(. Better study more to improve my soil and structural.

what’s wasabi? my new harddisk name, i named it wasabi. and ya, i’m back to share my files.


This morning really so buzy finding the ans from the lecture notes. Although only 20 mcq qns, but the ans seem all alike. Really no idea, leave it all to my intuition to make the choice.

Bought myself a 80GB harddisk. I now broke again, no money :(. i think still need a 512 mb ram, dont know why recently my pc run quite slow…..


It’s not a bad program, wif good intention to combine all the instant messengers(IM) to a single program. Support icq, msn, yahoo!, aim and irc. I actually quite dislike the interface of trillian .74 version, lucky the trillian pro version is much more better. Of coz the pro version isn’t free, but i got mine free from net.

It’s convenient to have 1 IM running on your desktop instead of 3 or 4. Although the functions not so advanced as those original IM but it has done their best to compatible with other IM. It’s not so good in supporting chinese and japanese characters like the msn. So weird characters keep appearing, unless you run the njstar, then the problem is solved.

Trillian web site

v3.5 科技、高效