How to install Whatsapp on iPod Touch or iPad

Whatsapp does not allow users to install on their iPod Touch or iPad since version 2.5.3. It is petty annoying, but there is still method to get through it. Here is the method to do, it doesn’t require to have a jailbroken device to do so.

  1. Connect your iPod Touch or iPad to your computer
  2. Download the Whatsapp through your desktop iTunes
  3. Find the Whatsapp IPA file through “Show in Explorer”
  4. Download iFunbox from here –
  5. Run the iFunbox software and click the “Install App” and browse the location of Whatsapp IPA.
  6. Whatsapp should be directly installed to your device already.

App install

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  • is this still working? 
    Wonder if I can also install it to Macbook – Lion OS

    • Whatsapp only on mobile phone. Not Mac OS X yet..

  • Maurizzio

    it says it can’t connect to Whatsapp service… iPod Touch.

    • You need to SMS activate then able to use it.

      • cloclovilla


  • Maria Vray

    thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx………… its installed on my ipod touch,… it worked… cheers…

    • glad to hear that! 🙂

  • Maria Vray

    i mean seriously its working ,,, thnx again dear

  • aryan

    an error message is comming nd says ur device is cureently not supported………wat to do???? plz help

    • cloclovilla

      did you find a solution??

  • Aida

    It’s installed but it says my device is not supported…. help please!

    • cloclovilla

      did you find a solution? :/