Global Smartphone Market

According to Asymco analysis, smartphone market has finally exceeded 30% of total mobile shipment. Yes, there are still many people using non smartphones, especially in the 3rd world countries. Non smartphones still take 69% of the total mobile phone market.

Out of the 30% of the smartphones market, below the weightage of operating system used.

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Android stands 17.6% of the smartphone market, especially in the past 2 years, the exponential increase has threatened Apple. Followed by iOS with 4.4%. Surprisingly, Symbian also considered as smartphone with 4.3%. Blackberry 2.76%, where Bada and Windows Phone stand less than 1%.

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Samsung is getting their market shares, while Nokia on the other hand has been decreasing market shares. Apple has been increasing very stably. The reason is because they focus on the user experience. This slides from Tim Cook’s keynotes tell us why.

Mobile Phone Satisfaction


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